The "Two Week Wait"
How To Get Through Your 2WW

Ahh, the Two Week Wait. The time from ovulation until you either get a positive on your home pregnancy test or your period starts. Of course, for some it could be a bit shorter or a longer, but 2 weeks is the average.


But what to do? Two long weeks with nothing to do but worry and wonder, Am I pregnant? Did it work this time? Looking at those htp's on the bathroom cabinet, so anxious to pee on a stick, it drives you nuts. You can't think of anything else. Thinking this two week wait will never end.

You think about babies, babies, babies. You rub you belly in anticipation. You look at other women who are pregnant either with a smile that you'll soon be there too. Or with a frown and a twinge of jealousy and you begin to fear that it'll never happen to you, especially if it's taking you a while to conceive.

Yes, I know all about the two week wait. Been through it countless times during my TTC journey. Really there's nothing to do pro actively at this stage. All there is to do is wait. This 2WW seems to go on forever. You POS a half a dozen times, knowing all too well that it's too soon. But something compels you. You just have to know right now. Then disappointment when you get a negative result. Then tell yourself that's ok, it was just too early to get a positive. You set a date and try to wait...

Stop! I know it's easier said than done. You must take a break from TTC during the two week wait. After all, you've done everything you can do up to this point. You've observed your ovulation signs, you've tracked your BBT, and you've timed BD accordingly. Now take a breather.

Think about it there is nothing left to do, except of course to continue to take your vitamins and eat nutritiously, exercise, etc, etc.

Don't make trying to conceive your only focus. Pick up another project to take your mind off of it for this two week wait period. Find something that interests you, something to keep you busy and your mind occupied.

Some ideas: Use this two week wait to your advantage and turn it into the two week (?) . Go ahead and plan that trip you'll be taking this summer. Reorganize your closets. Start writing that book you've been wanting to write for a while. The trick is to find something that you enjoy doing. That way you don't loose interest and give up.

What are your hobbies? What are you passionate about? (I'm mean besides getting pregnant, of course). Finish building that desk (or start building as the case may be). Call your mother or a friend and go shopping (or window shopping).

I now have my website to focus on. And I love it. It gives me an outlet and something to focus my mind on so I don't go crazy thinking about whether I'm pregnant or not. I love sharing my ideas and experience with you. I spend a little time each day to work on it. Then when the 2WW comes, I spend more time on. Do more research, plan another page to put up, etc.

In fact, if this sounds like something you may be interested in doing. All I can say is go for it. Everyone is knowledgeable and passionate about something. Use your knowledge and passion to divert your TTC focus and build a business you can be proud of. It's a win-win situation.

Not to mention that it's all too possible to make a little income from it. So it's actually a win-win-win situation.

As with everything else on my website, I've researched the best place to host and build my website. SBI! (Site Build It!) gives you so much more than just hosting. You get all the tools you need to build your website. It actually teaches you step by step what to do and how to do it. I've been so totally impressed with my host it's unreal.

Come join me and stop going crazy in the two week wait.
Start here...
SBI! Quick Tour

I'm a Work At Home Mom~ You can be one, too

Don't forget to have fun and remember not to stress.

Good luck and lot's of *♥*BABY DUST*♥*!!!

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› Two Week Wait (TWW)

› Two Week Wait (TWW)

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