Know Your "Signs of Ovulation"
For Prediction of Ovulation Period

Discover your most fertile time to get pregnant by observing your signs of ovulation symptoms. Your body gives many clues to help you find your ovulation period.


The list of ovulation signs below gives many of the common signs and symptoms to help you with determining ovulation for the best time to get pregnant.

Learning your symptoms of ovulation will help you to determine if you ovulate early, late or not at all. Knowing these signals will enable you to adjust your plan and better predict when to get pregnant.

Primary Signs of Ovulation Symptoms

Cervical Mucus (CM)

Cervical mucus (also called cervical fluid) is the secretions of the cervix. Tracking changes in your CM is the easiest and most reliable way of predicting your most fertile days. Also knowing when to check and how to check are just as important.

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Basal Body Temperature (BBT)

I like to use the the BBT method combined with cervical mucus method. Your basal body temperature will rise to indicate when you have ovulated. So keeping track of your basal temperature is a great way to increase your chances of conceiving. You'll also need a basal thermometer for the most accurate recording of your basal body temperature.

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Cervical Position (CP)

This is another of the fertility signs I use to confirm ovulation. Checking the position of your cervix is generally used in conjunction with the previous signs above. Your cervical position will confirm what you have learned by checking your mucus and temperature.

Secondary Signs of Ovulation Symptoms

Ovulation Pain and Cramping

One of the ovulation signs that may help clue you in is ovulation pain and cramps; pain in the mid section around where your ovaries are. Some women have a dull ache or cramping that last a couple of days. Others may have a sharp pain. Often this is confused with gas pains. So take note of this if it is happening during the same time as your primary signs and symptoms mentioned above.

Ovulation Bleeding and Spotting

Another possible symptom is ovulation bleeding and spotting. Not all women have this sign and those that do, don't spot every time. But it is another clue that can confirm your primary ovulation symptoms.

Increased Libido

As a result of rushing hormones in your system, sex drive increases. Of course not every time you are in the mood will you be ovulating. But increased estrogen and lh boost blood flow to your sexual organs and promote the desire to have intercourse.

Tender Breasts

Your breasts may become tender and/or itchy as another one of the symptoms of ovulation. This is the result of rising hormone levels in your body when you ovulate.

Other Signs of Ovulation Symptoms

Abdominal Bloating

Heightened Sense of Smell, Vision, and Taste

By observing your symptoms and signs of ovulation you

can predict your ovulation period.

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