Fertile Cervical Mucus vs Hostile Cervical Mucus
How to Increase the Quantity and Quality of Ovulation Mucus

As you all know by now, fertile cervical mucus is necessary to nourish and help the sperm to swim and survive to reach the egg in order to get pregnant.


You should know that hostile cervical mucus hinders and even damages and kills sperm making conceiving much harder.

Your body should produce fertile cervical mucus a few days before and during ovulation. Fertile quality mucus is thinner in consistency and watery, and the most fertile looks like egg whites called egg white cervical mucus (EWCM is the usual abbreviation on ovulation charts) and is usually clear or cloudy appearance. See here for more details on what to look for.

Fertile cervical mucus becomes less acidic more alkaline as ovulation gets closer which promotes the best environment for sperm to survive.

You should be checking your mucus daily to know when you are getting fertile cervical mucus. When you detect it then you know you are about to ovulate. See here for when and how often to check your mucus. You should begin to have baby making sex about every 36 hours (or approximately every 24 to 48 hours). See here for the best getting pregnant positions.

Hostile cervical mucus is what you should have at times other than at ovulation. Hostile mucus is dry, crumbly or thicker lotion-like consistency and usually yellowish or milky white.

Hostile cervical mucus is more acidic and caustic to sperm as sperm need an alkaline environment to survive.

If you notice while checking your mucus that you don’t have a lot of EWCM during the time you should be ovulating, then your ovulation mucus may be too hostile for sperm to make it to the fallopian tubes to fertilize the egg (ovum). Which means that your mucus is too acidic for sperm to survive. See here for how to check your cervical mucus.

Our bodies, including our cervical mucus, can become too acidic when we do not eat a proper diet. (Such as eating foods with preservatives and pesticides.) See more about fertility diets here.

Natural ways to increase fertile cervical mucus and eliminate hostile cervical mucus.

  • A fertility cleanse will greatly enhance the suggestions below by at least double.
  • Evening primrose oil (EPO) helps to improve the quality and quantity of your mucus.
  • FertileCM is a special blend of vitamins and herbal supplements to increase fertile cervical mucus.

  • Drink a cup of water with lemon juice or add lemon juice to herbal teas, daily (fresh squeezed is best).
  • Drink Fertilitea. A fertility tea with a special blend of herbs to enhance mucus and boost conception.
  • Eat more raw foods as they are alkalizing to the body. Such as fruit smoothies and salads, nuts and seeds for snacks instead of chips.
  • Eat less prepackaged processed foods (and fast foods). Processed foods contain chemical additives and preservatives that acidify the body. See more about endocrine disruptors here.
  • Eliminate (or cut back) on animal products (meat, eggs, milk, cheese). These are acidifying to the body.
  • Drink at least 8 cups of water a day, preferably alkaline water (found at health food stores).
  • And in the mean time, use Pre-seed sperm-friendly lubricant to help mimic your own cervical mucus.

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› Fertile vs Hostile Cervical Mucus

› Fertile vs Hostile Cervical Mucus

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