Getting Pregnant Positions
What's the Best Positions to Get Pregnant?

The best positions to get pregnant are the ones that allow gravity to work to your advantage. And where deep penetration can be achieved allowing the penis to be as close to the cervix (the opening of the uterus) as possible. Conception can be achieved in almost any position, but the ones listed below are best and are listed in order.

The Best Positions to Get Pregnant are...

  1. The Missionary Position: This is the best position to get pregnant. It allows the deepest penetration and lets gravity play a big roll. The missionary style is when the man is on top and the woman is lying on her back.

  2. Cliff hanger: This is where the woman is lying with her butt the edge of the bed with her legs up or knees bent and the man enters from the edge in front of her. It also allows for deep penetration and gravity.

  3. Doggy Style: This is another position to get pregnant that allows the penis to get close to the cervix. Doggy (Doggie) style is when the woman is on her hands and knees and the man enters from behind.

  4. Scissors: This is a baby-making position where the man and woman face each other on their sides with legs intertwined like scissors. The woman's leg on bottom then the man' leg and so on.

  5. Spooning: This sex position is last because it doesn't allow for the deepest penetration. But is very enjoyable and still close enough to get the job done. This is where the woman is lying on her side and the man lies behind her side by side spooning or cupping her.

For most couples without fertility issues the best positions to get pregnant are the ones that are the most fun and enjoyable. It's more important to have fun. More enjoyable love-making means higher sperm count and better motility. Wear something sexy and enjoy.

Try not to stress and end up making love-making a chore. And remember that you can get pregnant in almost any position. If woman on top is best for you then go for it. Nature is a wonderful thing. Sperm are made to 'swim' upwards, since this is the direction that is needed in order to go up into the uterus and up into the fallopian tube to meet the egg for fertilization.

After Sex for Getting Pregnant

More important than position is what you do after sex.

  • Immediately lie down on your back and prop your hips up on a pillow for about 20 minutes. This is all the time the sperm needs to get to its destination. After 20 minutes, what leeks out is just the fluids and sperm that did not survive.

  • You may also try using soft cups like Instead Cups. These are usually used for your periods. But many have found they work great to TTC. They keep the sperm up close the cervix. They can be inserted just after intercourse and then taken out after about 20 minutes.

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  • Do not douche after intercourse. This washes away the sperm that may have traveled as far as the cervix.

Before Sex for Getting Pregnant

If you find you need lubrication, it's best to stick to sperm friendly lubes. Get rid of the petroleum jelly, KY jelly, Replens, Touch and Astroglide. Go to you cupboard and find some all natural vegetable (plant) oils like olive oil. These are doctor recommended alternatives when TTC and are not hostile to sperm. Also commercial products like Pre-seed and ConceivEase are lubes made especially for TTC couples.

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Also forget about using saliva for lubrication. Saliva can alter the ph or acid levels of the vagina slowing down and even killing some of the sperm.

Timing Sex for Getting Pregnant

More important than getting pregnant positions is the timing of intercourse. You must have sex during your fertile window. The best days to get pregnant are the days leading up to ovulation. Observing your signs of ovulation will help you to determine your most fertile period.

Also, the best time of day to have intercourse is in the morning when sperm count is the highest.

Frequency of Sex for Getting Pregnant

How often should you have intercourse? Just as important as getting pregnant positions is the frequency of baby-making sex during your fertile days. This should be about 36 hours apart. If you are a younger couple, once a day or even twice a day won't affect fertility much. The older you are the longer you need in-between for the sperm to be replenished. So I say that in general every 36 to 48 hours is best.

And don't forget about the rest of the month. You should not wait or hold off having sex only during you most fertile times. Waiting only means that the sperm produced will be older and poorer quality (They've been waiting a while to come out).

So enjoy sex all month long and increase the frequency as you near ovulation. Think about making love not just about making babies.

And remember, the best getting pregnant positions are the ones that are the most enjoyable for you and your partner.

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