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Learn How Fertility Monitors Work

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A fertility monitor is a computer that collects data to help you to predict ovulation. Monitors are great for planning intercourse for the best chance at conception.


Your most fertile days are during the few days before ovulation. This way the sperm is ready and waiting for the egg to be released. Using ovulation monitors will help you to predict the best days to get pregnant.

Different brands of fertility monitors work in different ways

The down side of using a fertility ovulation monitor is that they can be pretty pricey. But depending on your budget, it can be well worth the ease and convenience of use for predicting the best time to conceive.

I'd also like to add that using a fertility monitor is not essential to predicting ovulation. Most women find that using OPK's (ovulation predictor kits) and observing their body's signs of ovulation can predict their best fertile time to get pregnant just fine not to mention cheaper.

However, if you have been having trouble getting pregnant and wonder about your fertility, or have problems reading OPK test sticks, then monitors may be your best option. I find it's a personal choice.

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