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Can't get pregnant? Just want to know the best ways to get pregnant? You've come to the right place. Getting pregnant isn't always easy. These how-to tips will help you on your journey to conceiving.


The first tip for how to get pregnant is timing. You must time intercourse in your fertile period. Your best days to get pregnant are the days leading up to ovulation. Sperm must be waiting inside your body when you ovulate for the best chances of conception.

One of the ways to determine ovulation is to observe your signs of ovulation. Check your cervical mucus at least once a day to to find out when you are discharging the most fertile fluids. Fertile cervical mucus is thin and watery, or like the consistency of egg whites. This indicates that you will be ovulating soon.

Other great ways to detect ovulation time is with an ovulation predictor kit (OPK). These kits detect the hormone LH (luteinizing hormone) levels in your body. LH surges just before you ovulate. So when OPK test indicate that that LH levels are high enough that means that ovulation should occur within 12 to 48 hours. So time intercourse accordingly.

Fertility monitors have helped many women predict ovulation. If you can't get pregnant on your own or just have problems determining your fertile window, a fertility monitor just may be one of the best ways to get pregnant for you. With these there is no guessing when you ovulate and when to get pregnant.

Next, one of the best ways to get pregnant is the position of baby-making sex. The best position for getting pregnant is the missionary position. The allows for deep penetration so the sperm can be deposited closest to the cervix. And also lest gravity keep the sperm inside longer.

You should have sex about 36 hours apart during your fertile period. If you have no known fertility problems and are under 30 years, having intercourse up to twice a day is ok. But it you are older and have been having some problems getting pregnant, frequency of sex every 48 might be best.

Laying down and propping you hips up afterwards will help the sperm to stay inside you longer and keep them closer to the cervix and from leaking out. 20 minutes is all that is needed for them to get to where they need to be.

Another of the best ways to get pregnant is to chart your basal body temperature (BBT). Your BBT will rise when ovulation occurs. One of the most reliable combinations to detect ovulation for when to get pregnant is the BBT and ovulation mucus methods. One will tell you when it is approaching and the other will confirm it has happened.

Some of the best tips for getting pregnant involve using a sperm friendly lubricant. These include Pre-seed and ConceivEase. And for the most economical and natural choice, use all natural vegetable oil like canola or olive oil.

Using soft cups after sex, may also help you get pregnant. Instead cups inserted immediately after intercourse will help keep sperm inside long enough even if you must get up right away.

Remember that it may take a healthy couple up to one year to get pregnant. This is completely normal. Just keep following the above tips of the best ways to get pregnant and try to have some patience.

If you have minor fertility problems you might like to look into trying some fertility herbs for ways to get pregnant. Fertility remedies can correct hormone imbalance, help you regulate irregular periods, tone your uterus and reproductive organs, and so forth.

And don't forget to take your vitamins every day. Eating nutritiously will also help to boost fertility. The better health you are in the better everything works, including your reproductive system.

If however, you have not conceived after 1 year, it may be time to seek professional assistance.

Also the best ways to get pregnant are when you are more relaxed. So try not to stress on whether you are doing everything just right. Now go catch that eggie!!

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