My Best Tips on Getting Pregnant Fast
Increase Chances of Conception with These Fertility Tips

"My Secret Tips for Getting Pregnant" That's what is on the cover of my little spiral bound notebook that I keep with me at all (well, most) times.


My personal note book that I kept notes in and added conception tips from every nook and cranny I could find to help me get pregnant faster.

This little book of my best tips on getting pregnant and conceiving faster was originally written by me for my personal reference and use. But now that I have this website, I'm more than happy to share them with you.

13 Top Quick Tips on Getting Pregnant Faster

My whole website is full of tips to help you get pregnant. Be sure to have a look around. These below are some I've come across that help boost conception quickly.

1. Getting Pregnant Positions: The best position to get pregnant is the missionary position. This ensures that the sperm is deposited as close to your cervix as possible and allows gravity to work in your favor.

2. Timing intercourse for conception: Not only is the position important but the timing is also very important. Timing your most fertile days to conceive is one of the best tips for getting pregnant. Lots of couples miss catching that egg because of not knowing exactly when ovulation occurs.

The best time to get pregnant is the few days leading up to ovulation. You can easily determine when you ovulate by observing your signs and symptoms of ovulation. For example your cervical mucus changes from thick and/or dry to thin and wet and/or stretchy like egg whites just before you ovulate.

3. Instead Cups: Instead cups are soft cups meant to be used for menstruation (your period). One of the little known tips on getting pregnant. But, think about it. They make great little holders to keep sperm from leaking out. After BD (baby dance) immediately insert into the vagina (read the instructions on the package) to keep the sperm up close to the cervical opening of the cervix. 20 minutes is all that's needed for the sperm to travel to the fallopian tubes to await the release of an egg. This comes in handy when you have to get up right away.
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4. Prop Hips Up: immediately after sex, prop your hips up on a pillow while lying down on your back for about 15 to 20 minutes. Try to pull your knees up to your chest. This puts cervix in a lower position to make sure the sperm doesn't leak out. It let's gravity do the work.

5. Pre-Seed and ConceivEase: Both are a great substitute if you notice that your ovulation mucus is not as thin or as abundant as it should be. It's friendly to sperm and is a great lubricant to decrease friction and increase pleasure. Follow the package instructions. To be used vaginally and not by mouth.
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6. Olive Oil: Olive oil is a wonderful tip for getting pregnant and may be used in the same manner and for the same reasons as Pre-Seed (see above). All natural oils such as olive oil may be safely used as a lube during baby-making-sex if you happen to be too dry. Doesn't alter pH balance and therefore sperm friendly.

Some of you may be concerned about using natural oils such as olive oil. These oils will not cause infection as they are natural plant oils and are readily absorbed into the skin and are nutritive to the body. I use these myself and have never had an infection. However, you do not want to use animal or petroleum based oils (or genetically modified oils). These will do more harm than good. Also no hydrogenated or partially-hydrogenated oils.

7. Canola Oil: I get this question all the time: "Does canola oil help with conception/conceiving?" My answer: "No, I do not consider this one of the tips for getting pregnant." Canola oil is not natural. It's origin is a plant called rapeseed. Rapeseed is deemed unfit for human consumption because it has high levels of erucic acid and glucosinolate both detrimental to human health. These plants were genetically modified (altered) to get rid of or lower these substances and what you get is now called canola oil.

I would not use this oil on or in my body at all. Not to eat, not to use as a lube, not for anything.

8. FertileCM: Fertile quality cervical mucus (CM) is all important to getting pregnant. Without it you create a barrier that prevents sperm from swimming to the egg to fertilize it. FertileCM contains ingredients that help increase fertile quality cervical fluids to help you get pregnant faster. Taken orally, follow package directions.
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9. Guaifenesin: Cold relieving products that contain this ingredient, such as Mucinex and Robitussin, can help to thin your cervical mucus. Thinner mucus is needed in order for the sperm to swim up through the cervix. If your fluids are too thick it blocks sperm from getting where they need to go.

Note: Make sure that guaifenesin is the only active ingredient in the cold remedy that you choose. Some other active ingredients that are in some cold medicines can actually dry up mucus.

Think about it. This is the ingredient that thins and breaks up bronchial mucus (phlegm) to make coughs more productive. It works the same way with cervical mucus. Take it orally as directed on the package for about 5 to 6 days before ovulation.

10. Evening Primrose Oil (EPO): Again, cervical mucus is most important to conceiving for transporting and nourishing sperm. Evening primrose oil (EPO) helps to increase the quantity and quality of your cervical fluids. Taken orally.
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11. Drink Lots of Water: Drink plenty of water. At least 8 to 10 glasses a day. I can't stress this enough, this is one of the best tips on getting pregnant faster. Being thoroughly hydrated makes your whole body function most optimally, let alone your reproductive and endocrine systems. Hydration also increases your cervical mucus, which is vital to getting pregnant. Water just makes everything work better so drink up.

12. Lemon Juice: Add some lemon juice to your tea or just add some to a cup of hot water each morning. A great tip for getting pregnant. This juice can help with the pH balance of your vagina making it more alkaline. PH balance is important if sperm are to survive the trip through your vaginal canal. An acidic environment is hostile to sperm and can kill them.

Your body naturally prepares for this, as your vagina is normally more acidic than it is alkaline. As you near ovulation fertile quality cervical mucus helps to tone down the acids making it more environmentally friendly to sperm making it more alkaline. But sometimes, our mucus isn't as abundant as it needs to be. Your body uses lemon juice to help make the vagina less acidic and more alkaline. And any help you can give it is all for the good. Read more about lemon juice in comments below.

13. Grapefruit Juice: There seems to be lots of speculation on this tip. Some women swear it is one of the best tips for getting pregnant and others not so much. There also seems to be some missing data and studies that would either confirm or refute the viability of using grapefruit juice to increase chances of conceiving.

However, grapefruit juice may slow down metabolism of estrogen (estradiol) leading to increased levels in the blood. Estrogen is one of the things indirectly responsible for increased fertile EWCM (egg white cervical mucus) just before and during ovulation among other things such as the development of the endometrial lining which accepts and nourishes the embryo at implantation.

I do know one thing; it can not hurt you. If all it does is help increase your fluid intake for hydration, then good enough. It may also increase the quantity and quality of your mucus and increase the thickness and nourishing qualities of the uterine lining, and so on. Try it, it just might work for you. Plus, when you drink it, it can help with pH balance of your vagina. pH balance is necessary for the survival of sperm.

You should be sure to get the all-natural, not-from-concentrate form and drink about 4 to 5 glasses a day during the week before you expect to ovulate.

Throughout the years of my own fertility journey and having some fertility problems myself, I was eager for any information that anyone could give me on becoming pregnant. What they believed increased their chances of conceiving, and what didn't help.

It amazes me sometimes what tips on getting pregnant other women have come up with to increase their chances of conception. I asked almost everyone that I come in contact with; mothers, grandmothers, friends, relatives all have there own tips for getting pregnant. Not to mention all the books I've read, the different doctors I've spoken to, and all the research I've done over the years.

I spoke to a friend's grandmother and asked her for her best kept secrets and tips for getting pregnant. She was telling me about how she took her temperature each day and kept a log or graph of it to help determine when she was ovulating. Huh? And I thought this was new, or at least more recent.

So I kept putting all the little tidbits into my little fertility tips book. If it seemed viable and logical (and even sometimes when it didn't), I wrote it down. When you are desperate to have a baby you'll try almost anything.

Of course the info I'm passing along here isn't anything that is dangerous or unhealthy. I've researched all these tips on getting pregnant and have personal experience with most. But I encourage you to do your own research and most importantly, always ask your health care provider before trying anything new.

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