The "Cervical Mucus" Method
of Determining Ovulation Time

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Cervical Mucus (CM) (also called cervical fluid CF) is an important part in getting pregnant and determining ovulation.

CM is produced more abundantly around your ovulation time to help sperm to swim up to meet the egg. It also keeps sperm well nourished while waiting for your egg to be released.

How to check your cervical mucus

You can check this sign of ovulation one of two ways. One is to check when you go to the bathroom. When you wipe check the mucus that shows up on the toilet paper. See this page for when and how often to check your cervical mucus.

Touch it. What is the texture? Dry and crumbly, thick and creamy, wet and watery, or like egg whites? This page explains what to look for when checking your CM in more detail.

See if it stretches. Try to stretch it between your thumb and forefinger. If it breaks easily, it's not fertile cervical mucus.

To determine ovulation time, it must be wet and watery or like egg whites. Egg white CM (EWCM) is the most fertile type of ovulation discharge. However, not everyone gets EWCM, so consider wet and watery to be fertile mucus.

Another way, is to check internally. This is how I do it because it isn't always easy to see it on the toilet paper.

You take your finger and insert it into the vagina. Swipe across the cervix and remove the fluids that you find. Then check the texture as explained above.

Now that you know what to look for and when and how to check your cervical fluids for determining ovulation time, you are well on your way to conceiving.

If you find that you do not get much EWCM, evening primrose oil is a natural fertility enhancement that helps increase quality and quantity of your cervical mucus. Try it for a month or two and see the difference.

If you haven't yet, see

page 1 What to Look for and page 2 When to Check for more info.

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› Cervical Mucus: How to Check

› Cervical Mucus: How to Check

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