Feng Shui Fertility
How to Increase Your Positive Energy and Become Fertile

Many people have found success in feng shui fertility methods after originally having problems conceiving a child. These methods date back many years, and improving your feng shui for fertility can be a great way to create a more positive and harmonious energy in your house and bedroom.


The most important room to increase positive energy in is the bedroom since that is where the baby will most likely be conceived.

These are several things to add to the bedroom for feng shui fertility to increase:

  • Clean up the west side of the bedroom. Make sure it is cleared out so positive energy can flow through.
  • Position your bed properly. The bed must be placed in the room so that it does not share a wall with the bedroom door, a bathroom or a kitchen.
  • The man must also be sleeping so his head is facing northwest.
  • Run a fan from the northwest corner pointing out, so that it disperses good energy throughout the room. Make sure to turn it off while you’re sleeping, so it does not scatter the luck away from you.
  • Add fertility symbols to the bedroom in pairs. These symbols include dragons that should be placed on the man’s side of the bed, elephants, fish, pomegranates and a hollow piece of bamboo placed in the north sector of the bedroom.
  • Red paper lanterns or egg shaped salt crystal feng shui lamps on opposite sides of the bed also are said to create positive yang energy in the bedroom.

Besides the bedroom, it’s important to make sure your feng shui is increased throughout your lifestyle. One way to do this is for the man to increase his descendant’s luck.

These are some tips to help increase your descendant’s luck:

  • Determine which direction is your Nien Yen direction by calculating your Kua number. People have both good and bad directions they can face. Your Nien Yen direction activates descendant’s luck. You can search for “Kua number” to learn more about this.
  • Make sure you sleep, eat, and work in that direction. The more ways you spend your day facing that direction, the more energy you have.

In order to bring feng shui into the house, you must make sure your house is open to it.

These are several things you can do outside the home to increase the feng shui for fertility:

  • Plant fruit trees, but make sure they are not blocking the door. Fruit trees that are healthy and produce lots of fruit are a great way to increase feng shui fertility.
  • Clear out everything that is blocking your doorway. Positive energy will never enter your house if there are obstacles in its way.
  • Reduce the amount of “poison arrows” (or sharp corners) both outside and inside your home. Make sure to alter them so they are no longer facing your house or your bedroom.

There are many other ways people can generate feng shui fertility; some methods are more traditional than others. If a person’s energy is centered and balanced, their lives are said to be less stressful and their fertility should be increased.

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