Fertility Aromatherapy
How to Use Essential Oils for Fertility

Fertility aromatherapy is a way to increase both male and female fertility by using essential oils as well as candles.


Aromatherapy has been around for a long time; however, use for fertility didn’t become more popular until the last few years. The increase in use is attributed to its relaxing nature and the ability to do it at home for only a few dollars.

The oils used in aromatherapy are extracted from plants, leaves, flowers, bark and roots.

There are several forms of aromatherapy for fertility, but remember that none of them involve ingesting any of the oils, which could be harmful to your health.

These are the three common uses of essential oils for fertility aromatherapy:

  1. Essential oils for fertility can be gently massaged into the skin. The oils are usually rubbed into reproductive regions to balance hormones. These oils are extremely concentrated, so they are usually combined with other carrier oils or milk. Carrier oils include olive, coconut, grape seed, jojoba, or almond oil. Usually, about three drops of essential oil mixed into the carrier oil is all you need for the massage, and this can be done once or twice a day. You can perform self-massage or bond with your partner while receiving a massage.
  2. The oils can also be dripped into a soothing and relaxing bath. Set up a warm bath and enjoy while the oils balance out hormones and increase infertility. Some of the oils will require different temperatures for effectiveness, so make sure to ask an aromatherapy expert which temperature works best with the oil you are using.
  3. Oils can also be burned in an oil burner or used in an oil diffuser to fill the air with pleasing aromas. Some women have found these aromas help to reduce PMS symptoms.

There are many different essential oils for fertility aromatherapy. Some are designed for different fertility issues, so take note of which oil may work best for you.

These are some of the more common essential oils for fertility aromatherapy:

  • Rose oil works to increase male sperm count while also enhancing female fertility. This oil is meant to be dripped into a warm bath and is said to be an aphrodisiac
  • Clary Sage is a golden-colored oil designed to reduce stress and nerves, but its main use in fertility aromatherapy is to regulate flow. It is also supposed to have estrogenic qualities. This is used as a massage oil and is to be absorbed by the skin above the reproductive region. Other oils with similar qualities are aniseed, fennel, geranium, lemongrass and melissa.
  • Rosemary can also be used by both men and women. After diluting it with a carrier oil ( olive, coconut, grape seed, jojoba, or almond oil are commonly used as a dilutant), rosemary is used to fight against inflammation in reproductive organs by rubbing it on your hips.
  • Lavender is considered to be an aphrodisiac, and it’s also used as a carrier oil in combination with other oils. It has a wonderful aroma and typically, lavender is used as a massage oil.

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