Fertility Massage and Pregnancy
Learn Self Massage for Fertility

Fertility massage is a safe way to reduce stress and promote healthy blood flow to the reproductive areas of the body.


It also helps strengthen the immune system and promote healthy hormone balance.

Self-massage can help you increase your chances of conception and is great especially when combined with other alternative treatments such as fertility yoga, aromatherapy with essential oils, and castor oil packs.

Here are some more benefits to fertility massage:

  • Reduces stress. Women who are experiencing stress can have problems becoming and remaining pregnant.
  • Helps regulate a healthy menstrual cycle, ovulation and blood flow.
  • Massage can increase circulation and clear blockages in the fallopian tubes, ovaries, uterus, cervix and other areas essential for pregnancy. In theory, there are many potential benefits to this.
  • The overall menstruation cycle should become more regular and balanced.
  • Because of the circulation to the ovaries, eggs can become healthier. Improved blood flow can also result in the reduction of ovarian cysts and help reposition tilted uteruses.
  • Women who have had surgery in the reproductive areas may have scar tissue blockages. These massages can break up the blockages, which can promote fertility.
  • Massaging major organs can improve the communication between different body parts, which will assist in regular and balanced hormone release.

There are two ways to practice massage for fertility. One is one your own, in the form of self-massage or massage performed by your partner; the other is with a registered massage therapist who specializes in fertility therapy. You can find registered therapists online or through your local fertility clinic.

Self fertility massage can be beneficial because you can work on the areas that feel the most troubled and tense in the comfort of your own home, save a little money, and it is a great way to bond with your partner.

Here are some tips to practicing self-massage, but please be sure to consult with an expert first:

  • Avoid massage if you suspect you may already be pregnant. You also want to wait until after you are finished menstruating. The best times are usually between menstruation and ovulation.
  • Find a comfortable, quiet place where you can get into a meditative state while performing self-massage or receiving a massage from your partner. Visualize positive healing energy as you massage, making sure to relax any areas of your body that may feel tight.
  • Tension in the jaw can directly affect tension in your reproductive areas. During the fertility massage, be conscious of releasing your jaw and relaxing your tongue. You can even open your mouth slightly.
  • The massage should be practiced regularly for about 15 minutes per day (as long as you are between menstruation and ovulation).
  • Use warm massage oil to help promote relaxation.
  • Perform the massage by making gentle, circular motions on any areas in your pelvic and stomach regions that feel tight. Always make sure to move your hand in a clockwise direction. You can also move from your stomach down to your pubic bone and then back again several times, or move from side to side slowly.

Keep reminding yourself to relax and enjoy this time!

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